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PowerIndex BUY/SELL Advice
Grow AND protect your 401k.
PowerIndex Allocations vs SP500 and 401k Values
Performance Advantage of PowerIndex

PowerIndex is the opposite of Fixed Ratio asset allocation.  The current cumulative performance effect of PowerIndex BUY and SELL portfolio management  vs various Fixed Ratio asset allocations is shown above.  The purpose and advantage of Fixed Ratio asset allocation is risk mitigation, not long term performance.  As this graphic shows, the performance advantage of PowerIndex is huge.   This is true even for a portfolio of 50% PowerIndex and 50% Stable Value, which is favored by many retired and near retirement individuals.
Many people still prefer fixed ratio asset allocation because it represents "set it and forget it", with no further responsibility beyond establishing the initial mix.  We reject this since PowerIndex only requires the investor to follow specific instructions, and takes only 10 to 20 minutes per month.  The results speak for themselves.

Lessons from 2000 through 2009
The decade just ended was a poster-child for the investment strategy called Rotational Allocation Strategy (RAS) which invests invests in all asset classes, but only at the right time, never permanently.
Compared with buy and hold investment in equities, represented by the S&P500 Index, whichactually lost ground to the tune of -10% for the 10 year period, the PowerIndex Portfolio based on RAS gained better than +100% in the same period. You can see this in the above graphic.
This decade had everything...giddy bull markets (1999-2001 and 2003-2007) and withering bear markets (2001-2002 and 2007-2008). The net stock market gain was actually negative for the decade. RAS made and protected lots of money for our clients.
While most analysts agree that Buy and Hold is dead even for long-term investors, they offer no alternative, except hinting that somehow your mix of equities and bonds should be adjusted over time as market conditions dictate, or your feelings about risk, etc. without giving any specific rules for doing so.
We agree that your mix of investments must change over time, but we HAVE the rules and know how to use them. That is what RAS is all about. That is why your PowerIndex Portfolio will probably not hold the same positions a year from now that it does today. And your nest egg will be better off for it.
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Welcome to the RAS Partners web site for managing your IBM 401(k)Plus Plan, or Executive Deferred Compensation Plan, or any other investment account which has access to the full range of Vanguard Index Funds. This website is our only product.

On this home page, we'll introduce our business and highlight important areas on our site. PowerIndex Portfolio refers to our time-varying recommended re-allocation (typically less than 8 per year) of your IBM 401(k) Plus Plan or Vanguard account into available index fund choices. 


Successful Investing - Far more than diversified Asset Allocation - Timing matters

Diversification across asset classes is a time-honored way to reduce risk. It does NOT, however, lead to superior returns. Successful investing is ALWAYS a combination of selecting the right investment vehicles and selecting the right time to own them. We are dedicated to the principle that ANY investment vehicle may be appropriate at the right point in time, but that NO investment vehicle OR FIXED ASSET ALLOCATION is appropriate for ALL time; BUY and HOLD is not a viable way to superior performance. We have unique tools and discipline to make these allocation decisions over time, based on objective changes in our long term momentum measures for each index fund. Successful investing, in good markets and bad, is our only product. We judge our success by continuous comparisons to benchmarks, published on this website.
"Sitting on the sidelines without time managing your portfolio may be risky."
RAS Partners

Conventional Wisdon
The past is no guarantee of the future, which is unpredictable and random; so stop trying to time the markets;  diversify, and take what comes.

Unconventional Wisdom
The relevant past can be an excellent predictor of the future relative performance of equities, bonds, and cash.  RAS continuously analyzes the relavent past and gives unambiguous and profitable timing guidance for the future as to where to put your money.

RAS stands for Rotational Allocation Strategy

RAS is the mathematical and statistical method we use to decide which investment asset classes among stocks, bonds, and cash to own and which to avoid at any point in time. We evaluate ALL investments based on Total Return.  RAS identifies superior future relative Total Return performance, and allocates investments to appropriate Index funds representing the superior asset classes accordingly. There is no concept of Buy and Hold, but rather targeted rotation among sectors and sub-sectors. This website is the vehicle through which we give recommendations to our subscribers.
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