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PowerIndex BUY/SELL Advice

FAQ and Links

This page has answers to common questions as well as links to associations to provide additional information on financial services.

Ask the Advisors

Here we will display answers to some frequently-asked PowerIndex questions. For example:

Q: What candidate funds will my PowerIndex contain?

A: The following funds will be used:

Total Stock Market Index Fund
Total International Stock Market Index Fund
Vanguard Value Index Fund
Large Company Index Fund (tracks S&P500)
Vanguard Growth Index Fund
Vanguard Small Cap Value Index Fund
Small/Mid-cap Stock Index Fund
Vanguard Small Cap Growth Index Fund
Vanguard European Index Fund
Vanguard Pacific Index Fund
Vanguard Long Term Corp Bond Fund
Total Bond Market Fund
Inflation Protected Bond Fund
Stable Value Fund
Mutual Funds Window components

Helpful Links

Links to Account Access login screens:

The IBM Savings Plan is now called the IBM 401(k) Plus Plan, and is managed by Fidelity Investments.  Here's the link to their login screen, where you can access your account:

Fidelity Netbenefits

Charles Schwab

Links to Mutual Fund Information:


More Questions

Q: Will PowerTDSP ever invest in IBM stock?

A: Even though our mainstay investment vehicles are Index funds, we will from time to time recommend the purchase or sale of IBM stock in your PowerIndex portfolio.  We prefer the relative low volatility of mutual funds as compared with individual stocks.

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